Technology Scanning

Unfocused search and pre-evaluation

  • Identify relevant fields of technology
  • Explore innovative fields of application

Which technologies play a role for your company now and in the future? A scanning project gives you an overview. We support you in defining and structuring your questions by first identifying your information needs. We then develop a structured presentation of the search fields that are relevant to you.


Technology Scouting

Focused search and evaluation

  • Get concrete information on a specific technology
  • Find practical applications for certain technologies

In Technology Scouting, we conduct a detailed search for you and deliver individual solutions tailored to your company. Together with you, we define the relevant technologies and markets as search and action fields. With a structured search we determine detailed information. Our experts will analyse and evaluate these with regard to your questions and make the results available to you exclusively.


Technology Monitoring

Focused monitoring and alarming services

  • Keep an eye on key-technologies
  • Get a monitoring of markets
  • Track development of selected application

Ensure that your technology information is up-to-date and let our experts monitor the identified technologies and markets during Technology Monitoring. This enables you to identify development directions and trends at an early stage and to react to them at the right moment.